Aug 7, 2010

Look Whos Coming to my Party...

I always share my first holiday find with you guys and this is it! Can't tell I am little excited can ya?

OOOOO...the holiday season is upon us and I am already starting to decorate.
So lets see who is coming to my party this year....

These adorable german glass glittered (I can hardly compose myself over the glitter lol) shaker skulls...and yup they rattle. How cool is that? Even cooler is the fact that these dapper little guys all have a handmade party hat made from antiqued music sheet paper.
These were made by Malissa Melrose from Sleepy Hollow Folk Art
Her designs and craftsmanship are really something to shout about.
Now to find the perfect spot in my Halloween home for them.

You can find Malissa by visiting her at her website Sleepy Hollow Folk Art

or checking out her adorable creations in her etsy shop! Sleepy Hollow Folk Art on Etsy 

But you can't have these, theyre mine!


AlphaBetsy said...

Beautiful finds!! I'm going to have to check out that shop. Thank you for sharing.

Betty BeadBug said...

Halloween! I am getting excited too. Those skulls are fabulous. I wouldn't be able to resist giving them a little shake as I walked by. :-) My problem is putting the decorations away...I keep the jar you made me on my table all year long. xo xo

Malissa said...

I am so happy you love them! Thanks for being such a sweetie and sharing them on your blog! Have a great week, and start of your holiday season!!

Guillaume said...

Cool skulls. Nice to prepare for Halloween as early as August.

Unknown said...

Wow those are really cool! I love glitter! and rhinestones, anything that sparkles! Good job Malissa and Heather I know you'll find a special place for them!

Unknown said...

Hey I really like your new look and I left you something over on my blog!

Magical Fairys said...

Hey Heather
I have a little something on my blog for you. Please go and pick it up!