Oct 20, 2014

Witches of Giggleswick Winners are....Drumroll Please...

My Winner for the 2nd Annual Giggleswick Blog Hop is...

The lovely Miss Sara Anderson!
Contact me Sara so that I may send out your prize to you. Congratulations, I hope that it will find a special place in your home :)

 See below for a list of all the other winners! If you have won, click on the link to take you to the blog of your artist and contact them to claim your prize!

Carly Smith www.boggybottombayou.blogspot.com Winner -- Lori Platt

Arlene Sander www.dreamedbyarlene.blogspot.com Winner -- Lynn from Life on the Wienee Ranch

Becky McClure Federico www.federico-fantasy-art.blogspot.com Winner -- Crystal Bowen

Brenda Griffith www.therustythimble.blogspot.com Winner -- LeeAnne E.

Chuck McClenning wwwthechasmaciancraftercom.blogspot.com Winner -- Chickzilla

Cortney Arndt-Rector www.cortneyrectordesigns.blogspot.com Winner -- Darlene Darla

Walk www.darkforestfolkart.blogspot.com Winner -- T. Johns from SC

Margo Noschese www.my-witchy-women.blogspot.com Winner -- Dogsmom

Lisa Ammerman http://www.apieceoflisajane.blogspot.com/ Winner -- imsteelefullofscrap

Karen Blevins www.witchiswhy.blogspot.com Winner -- Joe M

Jean Wheelock www.treasuresnwhimsy.blogspot.com Winner -- AutumnWind

Heather Milliott www.witchhollowprimitives.blogspot.com Winner -- Sara Anderson

Debb George www.halloweenjinglesbellsboo.blogspot.com Winner -- Janice Moore-Petty

Susie Krichbaum www.theirishwitch.blogspot.com Winner -- Wendy at Ravenwood

Whimzies Sheryl Parsons www.mothersdreamartworks.blogspot.com Winner -- Fran Caswell

Karen Brady Hammontree www.bradybearsstudio.blogspot.com Winner -- Kimberly at GriffinWyse

Patrick James Gill www.everywitchwaylane.blogspot.com Winner -- Wicked Faery Queen

Joyce Tenay www.ragpatchprimitives.blogspot.com Winner -- Deenna Ward

Jorge deRojas www.hohohalloween.blogspot.com Winner -- Brenda from Pumpkin Hollow Primitives

Faith Conroy www.theprimitiveblackhatsociety.blogspot.com Winner -- Cheryl Barcus

Congratulations to all the winners, I hope everyone's art finds a wonderful place in each of your hearts and homes! Thank you so much for your participation in this event. I can't wait until next year!!! Happy Holiday Season Everyone!!!

Oct 19, 2014

Dapper Little Skelly Shaker Rattles are finished!

Click Here to Visit my Skellies

Oct 5, 2014

Hello and Welcome to the 2nd Annual Blog Hop...

New Page 1
Welcome to the 2nd Annual
Giggleswick Halloween Blog Hop!

Beginning TODAY... Sunday, Oct. 5th – Wednesday, Oct. 15th
All 21 lucky Winners will be announced
on each of the participating blog sites on Sunday, Oct. 19th!

Greetings Ghoulies! I am Heather Millott the artist behind Witch Hollow Primitives. I am also one of the Original Witches of Giggleswick and this is our 2nd annual blog hop giveaway! This year there are 20 other artists besides myself who have brewed up and wonderful creation just for our fellow bloggers!
Below is a picture of my Giggleswick giveaway. A One of a kind handmade primitive book,  "The trials of several witches".

To be entered into the drawing you will need to hop to all 21 blogsites (listed below) and do Steps 1 and 2 below.

Step 1 - Follow this blog
 -- Look to the right and scroll down to find the blue Google "Join this Site" link and follow my blog. (It is much appreciated)
… next …

Step 2 - Leave a comment

Comment below this post telling me that you are a new follower or that you are already following my blog.


To be eligible to have your name in the drawing, you need to visit all 21 blogsites, follow them through Google, and leave a comment on each site.
If you fail to follow through on your 21 visits, your name will not count in the drawing.
Below is the list of blogsites and links for you to follow:

Carly Smith

LeeAnn Kress

Darla Walk

Marguerite Noschese

Karen Brady Hammontree 

Susie Krichbaum

Brenda Griffith

Heather Millott 
Witchhollowprimitives.blogspot.com (YOUR HERE NOW)

Arlene Sander

Joyce Tenay 

Lisa Ammerman 

Becky McClure Federico 

Jean Wheelock

Chuck McClenning 

Jorge de Rojas

Cortney Arndt-Rector 

Sheryl Parsons

Patrick James Gill 

Karen Blevins

Faith Conroy
Good Luck and Happy Haunting!

Find me on Facebook!  Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/heather.millott

Tweet to me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/witchhollowprim

If you love Pinterest, follow my Pinterest Boards!

View my Etsy Shoppe: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WitchHollowPrims

If you have a blog, add me to your favorites list and mention this giveaway! This Giggleswick Witch will be muchly grateful!

Oct 4, 2014

Announcing a Spooktacular Halloween Event!

Multi-Artist Blog Hop!

Beginning TOMMORROW...Sunday, October 5th
through Wednesday, October 15th

Winners to be announced on Sunday, October 19th!

Come join the fun! It’s free!!

21 wickedly, talented Halloween Artists have come together to put on the “Biggest” giveaway ever!
To enter, visit each of the blogs below and hop from one artist’s blog to the next!
Instructions are on the blog sites. It’s easy!

There will be 21 one-of-a-kind prizes and 21 WINNERS! It could be YOU! Here is a sneak peek at some of the boo~tiful offerings from our Giggleswick Artists:

Come back to my blog on Sunday, October 5th and find out how to sign up to win!
More details to come for this frightfully fun Giveaway!!!

Participating Artists:

Carly Smith

LeeAnn Kress

Debb George
Darla Walk

Marguerite Noschese
Karen Brady Hammontree

Susie Krichbaum

Brenda Griffith

Heather Millott

Arlene Sander

Joyce Tenay

 Lisa Ammerman

Becky McClure Federico

Jean Wheelock
Chuck McClenning
 Jorge de Rojas

Cortney Arndt-Rector

 Sheryl Parsons

Patrick James Gill

 Karen Blevins
Faith Conroy

Oct 3, 2014

Announcing a Spooktacular Halloween Event!

The Witches of Giggleswick Have returned again this year!

We have 21 wonderful artists giving away 21 wonderful works of art and that means you have 21 chances to win!

Giggleswick’s Multi-Artist Blog Hop!Beginning Sunday, October 5th Winners to be announced onSunday, October 19th!Come join the fun! It’s free!!Many wicked and talented Halloween Artists have come together to put on the “Biggest” giveaway ever! Hop from one artist’s blog to the next and leave a comment and follow. You will be able to view the prizes! Prepare to be amazed…This is Serious “Eye Candy”!!!Instructions will be on the blog sites. It’s easy!There will be one-of-a-kind prizes and multiple winners! It could be YOU! Check back with me soon :)

Sep 29, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe's Raven...

~ Edgar Allan Poe ~

This is an original of a kind altered art book, and don't judge this book by its cover, it may be deceiving! hidden within is a trinket chest inside its covers. It appears to be a book, but once opened reveals a hidden compartment to stash away your secrecies.


Victorian inspired, Poe's raven altered art box.

Now on Etsy click here to take a peek

Sep 27, 2014

Salem Tavern Candles...

Add a little colonial New England era to your home.
Salem Tavern Candles centerpiece, and these are completly waxless and flameless!

Come see inside my Etsy Shoppe!

Sep 25, 2014

Salem Witch Trial Victims Memorial Book...

A new series of books I will doing this season will focus on the hysteria surrounding the Salem Witch trials in 1692 and other surrounding areas. Here is another in a series of Unique one of a kind Primitive Books.

Sep 13, 2014

Said Wicked Deeds...

  • "The Witch Trials" has been cast and is well under way. As the Salem theatre works to perfect this original piece, now called "Said Wicked Deeds". They have decided to run a staged reading on Monday Sept. 22nd at 7:30 at the First Church in Salem in place of the originally stated performance dates. Please check their website for more details: http://www.salemtheatre.com/

Salem Theatre
90 Lafayette St.
Salem, MA

Aug 27, 2014

A Nightmare in Sleepy Hollow

Getting into the spirit of the season...
and my favorite show Sleepy Hollow is going to air season 2 on September 22nd. Just saying :)