Aug 24, 2009

A Delicious Giveaway...

Ye Olde Thyme Prims is having a Delicious Giveaway...
Want to enter? Stop by their blog and check out the details the giveaway ends August 29th! You won't want to miss this!

YOTP can be searched on ebay to see all the wonderful primitive artists that sell there.

CLICK HERE for the YOTP Blog

Aug 21, 2009

The Salem Witch Trials...

A new offering from me now up on ebay was one of the most fun projects I have embarked upon. New England's history as well as that of the Salem Witch trial as you can guess is one of my favorite subjects. Another reason why I want to be on the east coast every fall.
So I created one of my extreme grungy books with a memorial theme. It has all the victims of the Salem Witch trials names, as well as the method and date they were put to death. It was such a sad time then during the hysteria of Salem Towne and I hoped to capture that in a keepsake.

So here is a photo to share with you of the book and a link to the auction if you want to see more.

Salem Witch Trial Book on Ebay

Domestic Witch Blog Award...

I received this amazing award from Wendy and I hope you will stop by and check out her wonderful blog Esoteria
Now to pass it on will take little thought however there are many I would like to give it to!

Sage at Enchanted Garden Studio

Sherry of Byrum Art

Pattee of Odd-Dolls

Aug 17, 2009

HA31 Brooms A Blazin Art Event...

Here Ye...Here Ye...
Come one, come all to the HA31 Brooms A' Blazin Art Event!

Beginning Wednesday August 19th the wonderful and talented Artists of the HA31 group will be kicking off the season with their Blazin Brooms, or paintbrushes for that matter!
Stop by Ebay and search HA31 and then sit down because you won't believe your eyes!
Our artists have geared up and raring to go with all kinds of new, unique, and one of a kind Halloween treasures and art!

Here is a link to the Ebay Auctions: HA31 Artists

Aug 13, 2009

I have been featured...!

One of my wonderful Art groups SEHA (the society of eclectic halloween artists) have honored me in making me a featured artist on their blog... go see, go see lol!

SEHA blog:
If you haven't seen their new blog check it out and give them a follow!

Don't forget there are many SEHA halloween artists selling on ebay and if you search the name SEHA you will see what they all have to offer!

Hope everyone is enjoying a sunny and not too hot day, fall is on its way soon.

Aug 11, 2009

Are You the Black Sheep of your Family...

Something new and amazing is afoot...its the Black Sheep Beadery.
I wanted to share with you all, some of the lovely creations that come out of this unique jewelry designers mind.
You will find some of the most detailed, hand crafted and custom made jewelry. Owning a singular piece of jewelry that will become a part of you and know that is was created with an extremely talented mind.
Lori makes
fashionable beaded jewelry that is skillfully crafted and handmade by her. All of her designs are carefully beaded with intricate detail and quality, allowing each piece to tell a story of your own individuality and style.

There are pieces inspired by the Renaissance, beautiful goddess and pagan themed jewelry and unique one of a kind designs. Lori works with glass beads as well as natural materials. She also does custom work. In fact I own one of the most beautiful creations that was custom made for me by her.
ICE BLUE One of my favorites, aquamarine (dyed) branch coral highlighted with moonstone and silver beads. Iridescent frosted glass half moons and light teal and aquamarine cloisonné set off the moss agate pendant.

Moon Goddess

Crescent Moon With Moonstone Accents

Here is some of her past work, and some things that are available now on Etsy, so stop by and "heart" her shop and browse through some of the lovely creations she has come up with, or inquire about commissioning a custom piece.

Click Here for BLACK SHEEP BEADERY on Etsy
or visit Black Sheep on myspace

Aug 4, 2009

A Child's Wonder...

I often wonder why I never really grew up lol, I know why though its the wonder of new found things you see out of a child's eyes when they find something amazing for the first time. Its like magick, its the little things to me in life that mean the most. My kids are always out exploring something or on adventures if they weren't they would be missing all this really cool stuff.

Two years ago we adopted "Charlie" and warty toad that came to call on the kids in the evening. They would bring him in to play at night and he typically would stay around the deck and pond. It kind of reminded me of the frog prince story I read to the kids at bedtime. Charlie would come up to the back door and look in. I swear he must have did this every night for weeks. I often wonder if he also thought of the kids as new friends.

Tonight we adopted "Flop" he is much like Charlie although he is still a baby and not even as big as a quarter. He is so tiny and fragile, much like my children. So we sat on the deck watching each others faces, and flop as we took turns holding and petting him. To get an idea of his size, those are my 9 yr olds hands in the pictures. He is just a tiny guy. We found him a safe place in the flower bed to avoid getting stepped on and there he is. Maybe he will be back again tomorrow to play.
I thought I would share pics of Flop as I did of Charlie. He is a dapper looking fellow.