Sep 26, 2009

Some New Halloween Thingys...

A few little ornaments, Vintage Halloween candy tins!
Just thought I would share a few new Halloween things I have listed on ebay this morning, then I am scurrying off on an hour and 1/2 excursion to Dekalb IL to visit a cute little shop called "Craker Jak's" the owners are so sweet and the store has been in local Dekalb town for 25 yrs. I am looking forward to meeting my friend. I have been trying to get up there for two years now and you guys know how that goes, and how IL winters can be such a pain in the patoot when you want to drive somewhere. I don't do snow lol, so I am heading there now while the weather is still acclimate.

Anyway, here are a couple of things I got done and listed.
OOAK ACEO Art Card "Witches Brew"
Black Cat Make-Do
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Sep 22, 2009

The First Day of Fall...

(Baby Boo white pupkins only 90 days til they reach their full size.)
The Autumn equinox or first day of fall is officially here today Tuesday Sept 22, 2009. I soooo look forward to fall every year it is such a peaceful time for me. The days will start to get shorter now and the nights longer, it will get dark a lot earlier than it did during the spring and summer months. This is all part of the way life is. A balance is drawn between the passing seasons.
(white pumpkin flowers)
Autumn is again representing the constant struggle which we endure in our lives. Darkness and death are as much a part of our lives as light and birth. As the seasons change and the vegetation on the earth withers and dies only to become alive and vibrant once again, it is a constant cycle of life, growth, death and rebirth. I will miss the leaves as they turn colors and fall from the trees, but know they will appear again and start the cycle all over again.
(The years harvest)
(Beautiful white pumpkins!)

Sep 19, 2009

Cock~a~doodle Doo...its a Giveaway!!!

Rooster Inn Primitives is having a giveaway!
Make sure you stop by her blog and check out all her adorable creations.
Here is what you can win...

One large prim pumpkin and 5 smaller ones and aren't they adorable!
So head on over to the blog for details Click HERE for Rooster Inn Primitives

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!!

Sep 14, 2009

Victorian Halloween Candy Cones...

My mom shared with me a tradition she used to do when she was a little girl along with my grandmother. Especially on May day neighbors and friends would make victorian cones, sometimes filled with treats and goodies, sometimes flowers and they would leave them on a friends front door for them to find.

The Victorians had a great enthusiasm for gardening. Floral designing was taught and recognized as an art. Young ladies were required to study flowers. However, cultured young girls had to know how to arrange flowers, make tussie-mussies, grow, preserve, press, draw and paint flowers. It was considered a genteel occupation. This was a time of sentiment often labeled the "Romantic Movement" by some historians

This large hanging paper cone is just cute for Halloween! It has been glittered up, decorated with high quality cardstock Halloween printed papers, has a vintage Halloween postcard image on the front with a glittered boarder. The bottom of the cone is also glittered.

The top is done in vintage black and orange Bethany Lowe tinsel trimmings and the top is stuffed with some drieds, sweet annie, orange moss grass, and coriander flowers for fall.

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Sep 11, 2009

AHQU Giveaway!

Yay for Halloween just 50 days until the 31st is here!
The Halloween Queens are having a wonderful giveaway on their blog!
Just head on over to their blog for details on how to enter for some beautiful Halloween goodies from some very talented artists.

Good Luck, I know I would love what they are offering up.
Click Here for the AHQU Giveaway

Byrum Art Giveaway!!!

Want a chance to win a great treat for Halloween?
Ron and Sherry Byrum are having a giveaway to kick off the month of October.
For your chance to win, go and visit the Byrum Art Blog for details on this spooktacular giveaway!!!

Click HERE for the Byrum Art Blog

Sep 10, 2009

Extreme Grungy Witch Shoes

Well surgery went well, the broken tooth is all out, and I feel so much better. I have to admit I was pretty nervous I have never been put under for a tooth before. It was over in a flash and its a good thing I like mashed potatoes and gravy because thats about all I can eat today lol. There was only a minor incision needed so a few stitches and I am as good as new! thanks so much for all the emails and well wishes you all sent, that was so sweet and much appreciated. Life is a little bland without wonderful friends like you guys!

So I listed a new auction on ebay for some adorable witch shoes, I love these shoes! I thought it would be kind of cool to do two sets one that is extremely grungy and rusty and one that is just a little grubby and primitive. That way my collectors can choose for themselves depending on if they collect extreme primitives or subtler worn treasures. I have a pair of shoes, a hat and a broom I put in my entry way every year and they look so cute when everyone comes in. So for the next few days and the weekend while I recover I will be working on more Halloween prims for my shop, etsy and ebay as well.

Have a great day eveyone!

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Sep 8, 2009

Victorian Witch Stocking...

How was everyone's Labor day? mine was good despite the fact that I am just dying from my broken tooth. I go in for surgery Wednesday morning yeah! so out it comes and I will be pain free. I should be more excited about that but the thought of surgery for extractions now means you don't get gassed and yanked, they put you out with an IV. When did they start doing that? I am a bit squeamish, but if it means the tooth will be out I guess its a good thing.

The kids and I spent the weekend with the fire pit going and roasting marshmallows. Fall is coming quick I can tell the mornings and nights are getting cooler and some of my summer garden flowers are already spent. I did work on some new projects this weekend too, Halloween ones! I am such a child when it comes to Halloween thank goodness I have little ones to give me the excuse I need to act like a kid myself.

So I have been stitching away, took a break from painting for a bit and made some Victorian Witches Stockings. This one in particular I love because of the antique looking photo of the witch on it. So I am sharing with you the new one. Hope you like it. I think I will drag all the decorations out this week, I put a few up already.

I let you know how the tooth is doing, Have a wonderful day everyone!