Mar 27, 2009

All Hallow's Eve Assemblage...

Do you know where the term Make-do comes from? I like it, the primitive definition of a make-do is this:

Make-do, (n): A substitute for something unobtainable at the time; a makeshift. During colonial days, for example, if a woman was unable to afford a pincushion, she would make do with what she had and create one with items such as a broken glass as a base, and scraps of fabric for the cushion. In the “primitive world” this word often describes a vintage style pin cushion, or something that was made out of household items. It can also describe other fabric sculptures mounted on a base such as a candle stick, doorknob, and more.

My great grandmother had to make do with a lot of things, because they just didn't have them back then. Oh the stories I could tell you about Great Grandma, she always smelled of something homemade and had the brightest smile you have ever seen. She was one of those Grandma's everyone wish they had. So I ask myself why throw away things when you can breath new life into them? Thats where this idea sprang forth in my waking sleepiness. What to do with all those old glass bottles I have? Candle holders of course, the grungiest I can make them with a Halloween flair. Super sweet smelling, and I just made do.

Mar 25, 2009

New Offerings...

Things are starting to get back to normal somewhat, poor Sissy's finger still has a long way to go after she dislocated it, ouch! I can't help but remember what it was like to break my wrist as an adult but to dislocate a finger at 4 yrs of age. I cringe at the thought. Thank goodness kids heal quickly, especially broken bones.

I can't complain about the snow anymore, after two days of rain the sun is shining today for a change and I have two brand new sets of cardinals chirping away out in the back yard. I also have 7 squirrels who think they run the place lol. Well they do really and take turns coming up to get a snack at the back door.

I have been busy trying to catch up, but I did come up with a really neat idea I wanted to share. I have never been one to throw out things that can possibly be used. which is why I think my closets, shed and garage are full of boxes of little treasures. I think they refer to that as uh hmmm... "pack ratting" lol. Ok so I am a pack rat, I have always been able to see the use in something that others might cast away. So my idea sprang forth and I turned some really great containers into some really cool old time vintage spice tins. I got to mix a little of my love for altered art / scrapbooking with my painting and primitive antiquing and this is what came out of the thought.

I love how they turned out, I had to list them in my etsy shop and on the site. Well after making them really grubby.

Mar 23, 2009

I Got An Award!

Sherry at gave me this beautiful award! Sherry is not only an amazing artist and an amazing friend, she is also the kindest soul I have ever known. Without her this life, world and existence would be very much a dismal place. I love her to death.

7 Unusual things I love are:

I love the smell of burning leaves

I love the way my babies smell when they get out of the bath

I love grilled cheese & pepperoni

I love collecting oddities

I love painting outside on the deck in the summer

I love hot cocoa and toast on Sunday mornings

I love watching my bats flitter around at dusk

So now I will pass this on as well.

Jules at because she is a wonderful lady, my bestest friend, fellow admirer of lifes little treasured moments and because she is an amazing artisan.

Mar 21, 2009

Spooky Spring HA31 March Art Challenge...

Here is a little sneak peek at the painting I just listed on ebay for part of the HA31 March Challenge. The theme is Eerie Equinox / Spooky Spring and I can hardly wait to see what all the other artists have come up with. You can see my all of painting and all the other members of HA31 but searching ebay for HA31.
We all tend to interpret our ideas very uniquely and its fun to see the finished pieces.
Witch Hollow Primitives on EBAY

Mar 18, 2009

I have been featured...!

The gals over at "Todays Primitive Home" honored me this week with choosing one of my luminaries as a favorite to add to their "latest picks" in the magazine. This is very exciting to me, and I appreciate it. I went and looked because I love reading the articles and recipes. There I am smack on the home page. How cool is that?

If your not familiar with Todays Primitive Home, you should be. I love that magazine. I think the stories they write are my favorite reminding me of childhood memories of my own.

This is a wonderful resource of information as well, its nice to see what other artist and handcrafters are making, how they are decorating their homes, what they are collecting. Right up my ally since my own home is beginning to look like a an antique mall in itself. Interior design tips is one of my favorite places to stop and read. I think I like the fact that are promoting things to bought that are hand made rather than mass produced and made here right in the usa.

Check them out when you have time, you will love it if your a primitive artist or collector like me.

Today's Primitive Home: Distinctive Early American Folk Art and Handcrafts Created by Contemporary American Artists.

Prim Blessings,

Mar 6, 2009

Gossamer Fairy...

When you feel a little breeze,
or notice a tickle, or need to sneeze
or find your things are rearranged
or something seems a little strange
Look very closely and you might see
sparkly dust, or a buzzing bee:
Behold! a fairy with gossamer wings
has come to show you wondrous things!
~ written by William Allingham

My little girl is turning 4 already and watching her grow has been quite the experience! As you watch your children from one year to the next you have to laugh as each one develops their own identities, personalities and style. I was blessed with 4 a baby for all seasons, summer, fall, winter, and spring. I don't know how that happened but it did. Two boys, two girls, all unique in their own way.

This one is my spring child, my girly girl, there isn't anyway around it. She is hopelessly in love with all thats pink & glittery, playing my little pony, dress up and giving make overs to the cat.
She is my diva, my drama queen, my pout when I don't get my way girl.
She is my sparkly butterfly, my princess, my delicate flower. She is all that is sugar & spice!

She is 4, like butterflies....little girls need no excuse.

M&M Bakery made her, her very own kitty cake: