Oct 15, 2009

Sleepy Hollow

I couldn't help it, I just got done reading the legend of sleepy hollow, its my absolute favorite read this time of year. So I had to start a small series of paintings with the Hession rider as the theme. Just listed it on ebay tonight.
I know, your all expecting more wine?
Well here ya go...
More wine selections for tonight a little sleepy Hollow red, unfortunately I don't know if this is still available for this year. I will be listing a lot more halloween drinks in the coming days, you can't imagine how many cool things they have for parties. I wish I drank lol.

Have a great night!

Oct 14, 2009

Voodoo Hoodoo....

Add a little kick to your Halloween drinks with this Voodoo Spiced Rum from the Virgin Islands. Makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow lol, and "where has all the rum gone"

VooDoo is a traditional spiced rum, yet the first to be made using "barrel aged" Virgin Island rum. The oak barrel aging process mellows the rum, and adds a smooth, distinctive taste. Reasonably priced between $17-$20 and You can find it Here

Oct 6, 2009

Got any True Blood Watchers out there?...

Another wicked beverage for entertaingin adults at this years Hallow's eve party is:
True Blood
The inky black and blue color of the 2004 Trueblood Napa Valley Syrah is an indication of its power. This wine will bruise your soul with its palate crushing cherry, plum smoke and spice. Rich toasty oak and silky smooth tannins soften the blow enough for you take another sip.

I was just wondering if its just as racy as the show? lol
True Blood can be found by clicking HERE
If you missed the beginning of my posts this week I will listing lots of halloween party wines and "meal to pass" foods you can share with your family and friends.

Oct 3, 2009

Hallow Wine...

Its almost here! 28 more days til halloween!
Sorry...I got a little carried away there lol. Its the kid in me. Ok, got some cool stuff to share for this years hostesses with the mostesses, something super cool to serve your adult guests!
Why not serve some wine in a coffin? I love this idea. You can get a bottle or two (order early because some are limited and you have to go on a waiting list)A spooky party would not be complete without Poizin with a dapper skull and crossbones and it comes in a coffin! Its made by Armida Winery
I will be posting some really cool Halloween wines and non alcoholic drinks as well this week.