Apr 25, 2009

The "Boo Crew"

The boo crew started as a little sketch I did of a group of characters to read to my children at bedtime. My children's love for the characters grew along with the sketches until Grimly the skelly boy and his gang of friends came to life and continued to grow and grow. It has now spawned a series of stories full of inspiration as Grimly and his friend go on these amazing journeys. The Adventures of Grimly.

Meet Grimly and the gang: His best and trusty friend the black cat "Spook", "Stitch" is the jester always clowning around & keeping Grimly on his toes, and "Stump", the pumpkin boy who doesn't have to hide how he looks at Halloween.

Reluctantly but with the urging of a few of my artist friends I decided to share some paintings with the general public. I feel a bit weird about it really. I guess maybe because these guys are such a part of my life with my children, they think its great so where can one go wrong. I brought them back, featured two paintings that are now available on ebay. I am not sharing the stories of all Grimly's adventures, some things are just for my little ones. I hope that everyone likes the ones that I did share.

Have a great weekend!

Come see the rest on EBAY

Apr 22, 2009

"Midnight Ride"

Here is a peek at my new one, and I wrote a little poem to go with it.
I will be listing it tonight on ebay.

"Midnight Ride"

Witch Hollow Primitives on Ebay

Spooky Spring Brings Us a Winner!

I got a lovely award from Jamie Moore of Creepy Creations, ah...but it is her that gets the award.

I wanted to share with all of you her wonderful, and winning challenge piece for the HA31 spooky spring / eerie equinox challenge.

Its not hard to figure out why she won, look at the creative genius that went into this piece:
"Spooky Spring Bouquet"

Jamie is now featured artist on the Halloween Artists Website if you want to learn more about this fantastic artist and see more of her work stop by and visit her there, or visit her blog.

Apr 7, 2009

Historic Galena, IL Part III

Since so many of you asked to see pictures of the Inn I stayed at, here they are but be patient I have so much to catch up on this week so I will upload pics and post as I go. Thanks to everyone for their interest in my travels!

The Goldmoor Inn

The Goldmoor Inn sits high atop the bluffs overlooking the majestic Mississippi River.

I have to say this is one of the best Inn's I have ever stayed at. Their service goes way above and beyond.

With suite names like Lancelot, Guinevere, Arthur and Elizabeth the idea of a castle drew me in already.

The grounds likewise are very well cared for, paying attention to every detail it sits on and I loved the little fountain in the circle drive.

The rooms were very richly decorated (I stayed in the Elizabeth suit) and the amenities were unlike most B & B's I have stayed at. When they say they are unparalleled in service they are right.

They are the first Bed and Breakfast in Illinois to offer free out going calls, (as long as its not abused) They understand that mothers need to check in on children when they are away. Which I did because Tiny had come down with a cough and cold just before I left.

Check out this front door, I love wooden doors, and the pathway up to some of them resembled the look of a drawbridge. They went all out when they built this fantastic Inn.

If you need anything all you have to do is ask. The staff is very helpful and courteous. They have a little gift shop that stays open until 10 and if you want to watch movies all you have to do is pick some out and take them up to your room. Thats the first time I have ever seen an open door policy on renting movies. Your room has a dvd player, vcr and huge color tv. It was so cozy that I decided to order out pizza and watch a movie before going out again in the morning. I didn't make it through the movie, the bed was like sleeping on a real mattress lol something I don't have here at home and I fell sound asleep. I could have fit all 4 kids and myself in that bed and still had room to stretch out. I have to admit it was strange to sleep without a knee in my spinal column, a foot in face, or a child flopping around like a bucking bronco. I think this was the first time in almost 9 years I got up for a drink & a snack and it was for me!
I also like the fact that they stock your fridge, with water, soda's and orange juice.

I will take you on a tour of the inside of my suit on my next blog.
Prim Blessings,

Historic Galena, IL Part II

The Dowling House.

Built in 1826, by John Dowling
this is the oldest structure in Galena. The home is built of native limestone and served as both a trading post, and a residence.

It is furnished with artifacts, primitives, and Galena pottery now. Back then when the Dowling home was built there 195 homes, warehouses, and shops in the city and another 46 under construction. The population was only 800. I love the old colonial feel of this home, especially the little lantern outside the front door. I am sure it wasn't electric at the time but probably looked very much the same. I also love those old hardwood doors and the stone cottage look.

Tour guides will gladly take you on a tour, and give you a brief history of Galena and the Dowling home.

Historic Galena, IL Part I

In the heart of Jo Daviess County lies nestled a little town called Galena, surrounded by farms and fields that stretch farther than the eye can see.
I was lucky enough to take a little much needed trip this past weekend and traveled to Historic Galena Illinois for a weekend of antiquing, shopping, and relaxing. I decided if I was going antiquing might as well do it right in a town well know for its vintage charm, antique shops and hideaways among the Victorian pines. This little town with historic landmarks also had plenty of 19th century architecture.

I met plenty of friends along the way, One thing I really miss about living in the county is the farms and animals. I love cows, always have since I was a kid. If I could have one in town I would. They are very friendly and their noses feel just like velvet. Ok call me crazy but I just love em.

I forgot what it was like to travel up and down the hilly country side, I was partially car sick and my ears kept popping the whole time. I noticed that almost every farm house is painted white. Come to think of it, all the farmhouses I have lived in were white too. I wonder why that is? I also forgot that their caution signs have tractors on them!

Something about the country outside of Galena screams peace and tranquility. Simpler times when you should stop and smell the fresh country air, walk through the meadows picking buttercups and just be.

I will be posting a lot more pictures of my trip as I get my images installed on the computer so if you would like to see more come back and take a peek. For now its just Bessie and the girls....

Have a great day!
Prim Blessings,