Jul 29, 2009

Twilight Falling...

It is the season of the witch, well ok its not but its coming soon and I am getting ready for it. I can't think of anything else but Halloween and witches. Thats ok with me though I love to paint them so its fitting that I just keep doing it.

So here is a new one in a long series I am doing this month, titled "twilight falling"

Which reminds me I have to get dinner ready for the kids before they start revolting. Have a great evening everyone!


Jul 28, 2009


I love doing these little ACEO's. I remember the first time I found out what they were. I have to admit I had never even heard of them 3 years ago. I was amazed at the artists that create little works of art in this small format. Don't laugh I was someone scrapbooking on 12 x 12 sheets where you have room to work!
For those of you who are not familiar with ACEO's here is the skinny on them:

A.C.E.O.- Art Cards -Editions and Originals... fit in a standard trading card sleeve, or can be matted and framed. They are an affordable way to own, collect and / or trade original works of art.
The only rule for aceo's is their size, they have to be 2.5 x 3.5 always. Other than that anything goes. They can be painted, drawn, altered art, I know of an artist that does them on fabric dryer sheets. Similar to ATC's or artist trading cards which began as a way for artists to trade each others work back and forth with each other. These were not meant to be sold. ACEO's hit ebay and grew like you wouldn't believe. I am glad they did. I have began to collect them from all the artist friends I know.

I am used to doing larger paintings but once I began doing them I couldn't stop. I love them. I just wish I had more time to work with them as my days are filled with so many other mediums. Here is a new ACEO that I did this week and will be available on ebay:

Jul 27, 2009

Mental Duck...To Mental Swan

I feel that I may have turned from ugly duckling to swan, or so I have been told. I hope to always inspire others in life and in art as well for as long as I am able to do so.

The Mental Duck to Mental Swan Award is given to two amazing groups of bloggers;

1. To Bloggers who encourage and nurture others bloggers to explore and grow in their creative, spiritual or mental lives.
2. To Bloggers who are blooming and growing creatively, spiritually or mentally in their lives & sharing it on their blogs .

I was given this award by my dear friend Sarah who although she feels like I encourage and support her, she in return gives me the gift of the same and her friendship I would have not wanted to miss in this life. Your truly loved Sarah, and I hope that you know how many lives you touch every day.

Jul 26, 2009

The Wise Ones...

I hate Sundays, I have since I was a kid. I think because its the end of the weekend. Its time for everyone to go home, and Monday is lurking around the corner lol. Another long week ahead.

I wish I was wise, at my age I still don't have all the answers to lifes great questions. I do know this though, art is part of your soul and no matter how awful you feel or how much you would like to give up...creating is always there and can pull you out of whatever slump you are in.

A sneak peak at my newest painting...
"The Wise Ones"
This one is on gallery wrapped canvas and is 8x10.

To anyone having a not so wise day today...hang in there this too shall pass...

Jul 22, 2009

The Witching Hour...

Two of the new paitings I have up on ebay right now I finished this week. Its so nice to be back in the swing of things, even if I am still behind. Do we ever really catch up once we get behind? Probably not but everything that is left for us to do will still be there tomorrow lol.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
Witch Hollow Primitives on Ebay

"The Witching Hour"

"Amethyst Evening"

Jul 20, 2009

Honey and Me Dolls and Huge Ebay Closeout Sale...

Along with some of my new paintings on ebay I am having some closeout sales from the store which include some adorable primitive collectible dolls from Honey & Me.

Some of these have been retired and are no longer available but I need to make room for all that Halloween art!

Each little primitive doll has a cute little hang tag and tea stained dress and they are all starting out at $15 bucks!
Most of my closeout auctions will be going on right now in July and the entire month of August and will offer free shipping on almost all items so stop by and check out my ebay listings.

Witch Hollow Primitives on Ebay

Wishing you all a wonderful and simply primitive day!

Jul 10, 2009

Back From the Dead...

"The Pumpkin King"

After being down for 10 days with that nasty bug thats going around, I am back in the swing of things. So much stuff I had to wait to get back to but I am still taking it slow. I was already yelled at by my doc when no one would bring me a laptop lol. I can't help it I am just a work-a-holic I guess. When you enjoy something its hard to not do it.

I wanted to thank all my friends and those of you who sent me all the well wishes while I was sick. It was very thoughtful and I appreciate it greatly! Also for Sherry and Cat who had a stoke while I was gone, they worry about me so.

So I have new listings up on ebay this week and a few new paintings to share with all of you. I will put the link to my auctions here because I won't list all them but Let me know which is your favorites!

Have a wonderful weekend, I am actually relaxing I got a ton of movies the kids and I are going to watch and plenty of junkfood to snack on!

"Harvest Moon"

Here is a peek at "Grave Diggers Union, local #13"

Here is the link to the rest of my auctions on ebay.
Witch Hollow Primitives On EBAY