Jul 12, 2010

Come on all you lazy sallys...get back to work!

Ok I admit I am the ultimate lazy sally this year but not without cause. kids, sick moms, friends with endles supllies of needing help. UHG......gets to be too much and if you dont want to lose you you really need to sit back and try and get you priorities straight. I think as women we forget who we really. We feel lost somewere. Our passions and hobbies become like work and we loose the will to do it. I stopped painting for over 4 mnths until Linda gave me the will, the inspirations to just do it. Thank you Linda I owe you one! a big one.

So here is my first onn to start off the season! Let me know if you enjy it.

Its called "Autumn Splendor"

Brightest Blessings,

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