Aug 1, 2010

Shades of Black, Blue and White

I wanted to try some new techniques with my backgrounds and some new colors to get a blended water color look. Thats when this hit me, its a story that came together as I was painting. My moon and the white ghost pumpkins have a stardust glittery effect to them.

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The Swamp Witch

The wise old woman of the swamp; she has experience of the ancient, the oldest of old, beyond memory, in the roots of the beginning of time. This is the Gran Ibo, most commonly known as the Swamp Witch, so called because the swamp is the place she calls home. A place of only the darkest shades of midnight. A place where only shadows and unseen things lurked behind dark crevices.

Beneath an autumn moon she worked. She was old, old enough that she couldn't remember how long she'd been there or how old she was. Air, earth, fire and water were the same to her, but she preferred the cover and coolness of the swamp water. Her hair was coarse and covered in snow white moss. She was hungry and it was time for her midnight snack. Neither frogs, nor toads or nightly creatures would suffice this evening. Her fingers gnarled and as she twisted them, she cast out a spell over the ghost pumpkins. Pumpkin soup for the soul!

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