Oct 10, 2013

LeeAnn’s Paperclay Challenge

Vote for LeeAnn Kress!
(Of Charmed Confections)

Creative Paper Clay Challenge
Okay my friends...here's the deal!

LeeAnn is trying out for Creative PaperClay’s Design Team and she needs our support!
Please go to http://creativepaperclay.blogspot.com/
Scroll Down and you will see a number of pictures of the entries. Her Ghastly Ghost, Charming Charlie will be there as Number 21.  Then keep scrolling down and in very tiny letters are the number (like 18) of comments and the word “Comments”.  Click on that and to the right is a box for your comment.

Please do this as soon as possible as I’m not quite sure when the deadline is, but it is soon!  LeeAnn needs a pep rally now!

Thank you for your support!
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