Dec 3, 2008

Sissy's Dollhouse Part 2

Day 3, no survivors lol.

Just kidding, today I finished up the wallpapering and added some borders to some of the rooms. I had to do a really girly bedroom, which of course is pink stripes and flowered carpeting. I added a girl power poster, and some pictures to that room as well. I think the pink pony "pinkie pie" will like that one best.
The attic posed some tricky problems with the gable roof, but I pieced it in pretty well, a mish mash of paisley papers on the ceilings and back wall. This one has wainscoting, a gray and whitewashed paper that looks like wood and went around the edges of the bottom.

The biggest room is really retro, the paper is wild in there in swirls of purple, green, pink and cream. I did the side walls in matching green and tiny polka dots. I also trimmed the border with the same wild paper. There is a pictue on the wall in that one that says "princess". The tiffany lamp doesn't actually match but it still looks cute on the ceiling, that one isn't lighted.

The dining room has red vintage looking flooring, and a blue flowered wallpaper. Ok, now I promised to tell you what I was using for the wallpaper. I decided against contact paper or real wallpaper because it is just too expensive the small amounts I need. Plus I want to sink the bulk of the money for this project into the furniture, accessories and pony's so being an avid scrapbooker it dawned on me to use scrapbook papers. I have about a million of them, don't need to buy anything and already know how to cut & apply it. Scrapbook paper comes in millions probably billions of patterns and designs and is really pretty anyway. I cut the pieces to fit, and coated the back with a water based adhesive. It is workable so when I get it glued I can move it around a bit if I need to. The borders were fun to do, I found a matching color cut it to scale and I used some scalloped scissors to give it a nice edge. Some of the borders like the one I used in the bathroom was a printed design and I just cut it out of the paper. Windows and frames for pictures can be done easily as well. You clip the photograph or a picture from a magazine and they glue it to a frame cut from cardstock paper. Instant painting on the wall. I also added some stickers that look like pictures or posters in the girly bedroom. These were all scrap booking embellishments as well.

I have yet to start shingling the roof! I am thinking Popsicle sticks cut into fish scale patterns, unless I can find something that looks a little better. Dollhouse shingle are essentially Popsicle sticks anyway, packaged and sold as shingles lol. I still have to look into the lighting as well and how I am going to run that into the mix. I still have it hidden in the laundry room, but at least on top of the dryer I can work on it as long as I can keep them out. I eventually may have to answer the question "mom why is your bathrobe shaped like a dollhouse?"


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