Dec 2, 2008

Sissy's Dollhouse

So here I am with a great idea, well at least I thought it was great until I realized how much time I had to complete this project by Christmas Eve! I know you guys have been asking for pictures so I made a slideshow of the work in progress. For those of you that don't know, my little girl who is now almost 4 collects mini my little pony's. She wants a dollhouse for them. I thought it was a wonderful idea until I found out they don't really have full size dollhouses for the pony's, the big ones or the little ones.

Well there I go thinking again, I priced dollhouses and wow, I am not paying 200 bucks for a cheap piece of plastic that is not really even big. So that brings me to my next thought. My 2 yr. old daughter also collects the larger pony's, I grew up around construction and did it most of my adult life so why would I not build one myself? Something exactly that they would want. So there the idea grew.... and grew....and grew. I am now being referred to as "Tim Taylor" from the show tool time. Bigger / Better / More only I am not blowing anything up...yet. I am talking lighting fixtures and such but lets see how far I get. That doesn't even cover the huge pony palace I am making out of an old dresser...yes I said dresser.

Ok so here are your "Work In Progress" Pictures that you wanted, I will take more as I go. I did a little slideshow to start out with and I think I got a good head start on 3 rooms. The bathroom has now become my favorite...the wallpaper looks all seaweedy, in aqua and purple and grey. I added a aqua colored flooring and even a matching border to the top. (Don't look at the ceilings yet they aren't done.) I will tell you next time what I used for the wallpaper and why...

Sunday...we begin the shingles on the roof. 25 Days and counting until Christmas Eve, wish me luck.

Blessings to you all

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