Aug 4, 2009

A Child's Wonder...

I often wonder why I never really grew up lol, I know why though its the wonder of new found things you see out of a child's eyes when they find something amazing for the first time. Its like magick, its the little things to me in life that mean the most. My kids are always out exploring something or on adventures if they weren't they would be missing all this really cool stuff.

Two years ago we adopted "Charlie" and warty toad that came to call on the kids in the evening. They would bring him in to play at night and he typically would stay around the deck and pond. It kind of reminded me of the frog prince story I read to the kids at bedtime. Charlie would come up to the back door and look in. I swear he must have did this every night for weeks. I often wonder if he also thought of the kids as new friends.

Tonight we adopted "Flop" he is much like Charlie although he is still a baby and not even as big as a quarter. He is so tiny and fragile, much like my children. So we sat on the deck watching each others faces, and flop as we took turns holding and petting him. To get an idea of his size, those are my 9 yr olds hands in the pictures. He is just a tiny guy. We found him a safe place in the flower bed to avoid getting stepped on and there he is. Maybe he will be back again tomorrow to play.
I thought I would share pics of Flop as I did of Charlie. He is a dapper looking fellow.

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