Feb 16, 2009

Friday the 13th..

The most evil superstitious day of the year...Friday the 13th, and well it went according to planned for me lol. My washer broke not to mention with sopping wet comforter in it. So off to the bathtub the quilt went and off to the store I went singing to the tune of 330 bucks I now am the proud owner of a new washing machine. Yikes! not cheap are they?

Valentines Day was next and I will skip that, it was a rough day for me as some of you know. Dealing with grief of lost loved one is not easy. However my lovely friends had comments to send, cards and little notes of inspiration to give me and I am very blessed to have all of you! Sunday was much better I got a valentine from my son as a surprise when I went to his art exhibit at the school. It was on display. He did a Oaxaca sculpture of a spider of course, an aceo lol ( I couldn't believe they were teaching that in art!) Mexican tinware, and my favorite was his Chinese bamboo brush paintings. I am framing that one!

Anyway, I promised eggs and here they are, my primitive Easter Blessings Eggs. I am working on some chocolate ones as well. Who knows what else will pop up with spring?

hugs to all,
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