Mar 27, 2009

All Hallow's Eve Assemblage...

Do you know where the term Make-do comes from? I like it, the primitive definition of a make-do is this:

Make-do, (n): A substitute for something unobtainable at the time; a makeshift. During colonial days, for example, if a woman was unable to afford a pincushion, she would make do with what she had and create one with items such as a broken glass as a base, and scraps of fabric for the cushion. In the “primitive world” this word often describes a vintage style pin cushion, or something that was made out of household items. It can also describe other fabric sculptures mounted on a base such as a candle stick, doorknob, and more.

My great grandmother had to make do with a lot of things, because they just didn't have them back then. Oh the stories I could tell you about Great Grandma, she always smelled of something homemade and had the brightest smile you have ever seen. She was one of those Grandma's everyone wish they had. So I ask myself why throw away things when you can breath new life into them? Thats where this idea sprang forth in my waking sleepiness. What to do with all those old glass bottles I have? Candle holders of course, the grungiest I can make them with a Halloween flair. Super sweet smelling, and I just made do.
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