Mar 23, 2009

I Got An Award!

Sherry at gave me this beautiful award! Sherry is not only an amazing artist and an amazing friend, she is also the kindest soul I have ever known. Without her this life, world and existence would be very much a dismal place. I love her to death.

7 Unusual things I love are:

I love the smell of burning leaves

I love the way my babies smell when they get out of the bath

I love grilled cheese & pepperoni

I love collecting oddities

I love painting outside on the deck in the summer

I love hot cocoa and toast on Sunday mornings

I love watching my bats flitter around at dusk

So now I will pass this on as well.

Jules at because she is a wonderful lady, my bestest friend, fellow admirer of lifes little treasured moments and because she is an amazing artisan.
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