Apr 7, 2009

Historic Galena, IL Part I

In the heart of Jo Daviess County lies nestled a little town called Galena, surrounded by farms and fields that stretch farther than the eye can see.
I was lucky enough to take a little much needed trip this past weekend and traveled to Historic Galena Illinois for a weekend of antiquing, shopping, and relaxing. I decided if I was going antiquing might as well do it right in a town well know for its vintage charm, antique shops and hideaways among the Victorian pines. This little town with historic landmarks also had plenty of 19th century architecture.

I met plenty of friends along the way, One thing I really miss about living in the county is the farms and animals. I love cows, always have since I was a kid. If I could have one in town I would. They are very friendly and their noses feel just like velvet. Ok call me crazy but I just love em.

I forgot what it was like to travel up and down the hilly country side, I was partially car sick and my ears kept popping the whole time. I noticed that almost every farm house is painted white. Come to think of it, all the farmhouses I have lived in were white too. I wonder why that is? I also forgot that their caution signs have tractors on them!

Something about the country outside of Galena screams peace and tranquility. Simpler times when you should stop and smell the fresh country air, walk through the meadows picking buttercups and just be.

I will be posting a lot more pictures of my trip as I get my images installed on the computer so if you would like to see more come back and take a peek. For now its just Bessie and the girls....

Have a great day!
Prim Blessings,

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