Apr 7, 2009

Historic Galena, IL Part II

The Dowling House.

Built in 1826, by John Dowling
this is the oldest structure in Galena. The home is built of native limestone and served as both a trading post, and a residence.

It is furnished with artifacts, primitives, and Galena pottery now. Back then when the Dowling home was built there 195 homes, warehouses, and shops in the city and another 46 under construction. The population was only 800. I love the old colonial feel of this home, especially the little lantern outside the front door. I am sure it wasn't electric at the time but probably looked very much the same. I also love those old hardwood doors and the stone cottage look.

Tour guides will gladly take you on a tour, and give you a brief history of Galena and the Dowling home.
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