Apr 25, 2009

The "Boo Crew"

The boo crew started as a little sketch I did of a group of characters to read to my children at bedtime. My children's love for the characters grew along with the sketches until Grimly the skelly boy and his gang of friends came to life and continued to grow and grow. It has now spawned a series of stories full of inspiration as Grimly and his friend go on these amazing journeys. The Adventures of Grimly.

Meet Grimly and the gang: His best and trusty friend the black cat "Spook", "Stitch" is the jester always clowning around & keeping Grimly on his toes, and "Stump", the pumpkin boy who doesn't have to hide how he looks at Halloween.

Reluctantly but with the urging of a few of my artist friends I decided to share some paintings with the general public. I feel a bit weird about it really. I guess maybe because these guys are such a part of my life with my children, they think its great so where can one go wrong. I brought them back, featured two paintings that are now available on ebay. I am not sharing the stories of all Grimly's adventures, some things are just for my little ones. I hope that everyone likes the ones that I did share.

Have a great weekend!

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