Jul 10, 2009

Back From the Dead...

"The Pumpkin King"

After being down for 10 days with that nasty bug thats going around, I am back in the swing of things. So much stuff I had to wait to get back to but I am still taking it slow. I was already yelled at by my doc when no one would bring me a laptop lol. I can't help it I am just a work-a-holic I guess. When you enjoy something its hard to not do it.

I wanted to thank all my friends and those of you who sent me all the well wishes while I was sick. It was very thoughtful and I appreciate it greatly! Also for Sherry and Cat who had a stoke while I was gone, they worry about me so.

So I have new listings up on ebay this week and a few new paintings to share with all of you. I will put the link to my auctions here because I won't list all them but Let me know which is your favorites!

Have a wonderful weekend, I am actually relaxing I got a ton of movies the kids and I are going to watch and plenty of junkfood to snack on!

"Harvest Moon"

Here is a peek at "Grave Diggers Union, local #13"

Here is the link to the rest of my auctions on ebay.
Witch Hollow Primitives On EBAY
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