Jul 27, 2009

Mental Duck...To Mental Swan

I feel that I may have turned from ugly duckling to swan, or so I have been told. I hope to always inspire others in life and in art as well for as long as I am able to do so.

The Mental Duck to Mental Swan Award is given to two amazing groups of bloggers;

1. To Bloggers who encourage and nurture others bloggers to explore and grow in their creative, spiritual or mental lives.
2. To Bloggers who are blooming and growing creatively, spiritually or mentally in their lives & sharing it on their blogs .

I was given this award by my dear friend Sarah who although she feels like I encourage and support her, she in return gives me the gift of the same and her friendship I would have not wanted to miss in this life. Your truly loved Sarah, and I hope that you know how many lives you touch every day.
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