Sep 22, 2009

The First Day of Fall...

(Baby Boo white pupkins only 90 days til they reach their full size.)
The Autumn equinox or first day of fall is officially here today Tuesday Sept 22, 2009. I soooo look forward to fall every year it is such a peaceful time for me. The days will start to get shorter now and the nights longer, it will get dark a lot earlier than it did during the spring and summer months. This is all part of the way life is. A balance is drawn between the passing seasons.
(white pumpkin flowers)
Autumn is again representing the constant struggle which we endure in our lives. Darkness and death are as much a part of our lives as light and birth. As the seasons change and the vegetation on the earth withers and dies only to become alive and vibrant once again, it is a constant cycle of life, growth, death and rebirth. I will miss the leaves as they turn colors and fall from the trees, but know they will appear again and start the cycle all over again.
(The years harvest)
(Beautiful white pumpkins!)
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