Sep 14, 2009

Victorian Halloween Candy Cones...

My mom shared with me a tradition she used to do when she was a little girl along with my grandmother. Especially on May day neighbors and friends would make victorian cones, sometimes filled with treats and goodies, sometimes flowers and they would leave them on a friends front door for them to find.

The Victorians had a great enthusiasm for gardening. Floral designing was taught and recognized as an art. Young ladies were required to study flowers. However, cultured young girls had to know how to arrange flowers, make tussie-mussies, grow, preserve, press, draw and paint flowers. It was considered a genteel occupation. This was a time of sentiment often labeled the "Romantic Movement" by some historians

This large hanging paper cone is just cute for Halloween! It has been glittered up, decorated with high quality cardstock Halloween printed papers, has a vintage Halloween postcard image on the front with a glittered boarder. The bottom of the cone is also glittered.

The top is done in vintage black and orange Bethany Lowe tinsel trimmings and the top is stuffed with some drieds, sweet annie, orange moss grass, and coriander flowers for fall.

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