Sep 8, 2009

Victorian Witch Stocking...

How was everyone's Labor day? mine was good despite the fact that I am just dying from my broken tooth. I go in for surgery Wednesday morning yeah! so out it comes and I will be pain free. I should be more excited about that but the thought of surgery for extractions now means you don't get gassed and yanked, they put you out with an IV. When did they start doing that? I am a bit squeamish, but if it means the tooth will be out I guess its a good thing.

The kids and I spent the weekend with the fire pit going and roasting marshmallows. Fall is coming quick I can tell the mornings and nights are getting cooler and some of my summer garden flowers are already spent. I did work on some new projects this weekend too, Halloween ones! I am such a child when it comes to Halloween thank goodness I have little ones to give me the excuse I need to act like a kid myself.

So I have been stitching away, took a break from painting for a bit and made some Victorian Witches Stockings. This one in particular I love because of the antique looking photo of the witch on it. So I am sharing with you the new one. Hope you like it. I think I will drag all the decorations out this week, I put a few up already.

I let you know how the tooth is doing, Have a wonderful day everyone!
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