Jun 11, 2009

Definitely NOT an award free blog zone...

I have given it some thought as to why people want there blogs award free zones, sometimes we are so busy we can't keep up with them all, we would be blogging all day long!
I on the other hand love each and every one of them, and cherish the people who give them to me. I feel very honored to have someone stop by and say, hey you made my day so much brighter, or you inspired me so.

My friends, customers and fellow blog pals drive me to do what I do, they are all muses in my little artistic world. So with no further ado...I got a really cool award today. (subtle ain't I? lol)

So I wanted to do something different with this award, I want to blog about the wonderful gal that gave it to me. Sweet Darla from Artistic Accents by Darla. So lets talk about her shall we!

Darla does some amazing artwork and I have seen her etsy shop, wow you should visit her shop too by clicking Here Darla is a decorative artist from the Red River Valley region of North Dakota. She does the type of painting I wish I could do, I have not mastered color as some strange phobia I have prevents me from using it lol (inside joke there). I can't seem to get away from the black and orange. Her art is so colorful and unique and truly a masterpiece in every detail. She is working with mixed media now and has a wonderful selection of Original paintings and aceo's.

This is one of my favorites: (obviously)
The colors are so vibrant and really pop but they are also subtle as well.

Look at the detail and the sweet expressions on their faces, her art just amazes me to no end.
There is something very special in the way she created mixed media pieces, very magickal indeed!

Stop by her blog, or her etsy shop and breath in all this wonderful art. Darla is breath of fresh air to me in the art world.

I thank her for this award to from the bottom of my heart!

I am passing this "your blog is amazing dahling" award on as well and would like to acknowledge QueenBe and her altered art blog: QueenBe's Altered Needs Check out her amazing altered art pieces!
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