Jun 15, 2009

Creative Blogger Award...

With all these awards I am wondering, do I know that many people to pass these all along to? lol, I love these awards but mostly because of the sweet people who take the time to give them to me. It lets me know that I come to mind when they think of me in such a way.

So My Creative blogger award was given to me by the sweet Karen here is her amazing blog: Hope in the Heart of Darkness (coolest name ever for a blog huh?)

Ok here are the rules, (no need to feel obligated though) post 7 little known things about you, and pass this along to 7 people who you feel have creative blogs. Let us know who gave you the award and thats it!

7 Little known things about me...

*I have had insomina since birth (thats not a joke either lol) so when I say I never sleep, I mean it!
*I love the smell of burning leaves
*I am hopelessly addicted to Twilight
*I had every bone in my right wrist & hand shattered
*I hate chocolate and sweets (so I am little weird)
*I am for animal rights, I think there is value of life in every living thing
*I am a highly trained martial artist

7 Blogs I Nominate: These are all wonderful artists, and wonderful bloggers I am honored to know these kindred spririts and can't wait to share with them! I could think of 100 people more that deserve this, but I will never get anything done that way.

Ecclectic Season Primitives
Primitive Palace
Cottage Garden Studio
Two Mile Creek Primitives
Carolines Crafts
Primitive Whimsical Works by Shug
Haunted Swamp Designs

Have a great night everyone!
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