Jun 4, 2009

Thank You!

I often wonder what pushes me to continue my work, well thats hard to say. I guess it would be my passion for creating, I simply have to be creating something or starting some new venture.

I often wonder what keeps my wanting to share it with the blogging world. That one is easy, all of you. I can't remember when I have gotten so much recognition. I think I recieved 5 awards this past month and each and everyone of them is much appreicated. It is all you, my caring loving friends, my artists buddies, my devoted followers. It makes you smile more to know that there are those of you out there who will take the time to acknowledge what someone means to them.

With my heart wide open ~ I thank everyone of you for giving me purpose in my life.

Then there is Cindy lol, what a gal to know. She shares this awful addicting passion with me for vintage halloween art. Cindy is not just another lady in my art group, another fan of Halloween and the nostaligia that surrounds it. She is a special, kind, sweet, amazing person to know. I am blessed to have met her. She has given me the Watermelon award! (always thinking of others)

Stop by and visit this wonderful lady on her blog I Dream of Halloween

Here are the 6 things I love:

1. My 4 children, without them I would cease to exist, at least on this plane.
2. My Dad who has supported every decision (no matter how stupid) I have ever made in my life.
3. All the members of HA31 because I have learned, grown and blossomed there in personal as well as artistic measures.
4. My home becuase it is a respite and safe haven for me.
5. The Black Hat Society because since the very beginning has always been a home away from home for me.
6. Halloween, enough said

Now I pass along the watermelon award and would like to see 6 things that these wonderful friends love and pass it along to share with others what they love as well.

Jennifer from Confessions of a Kitchen Witch (and other wonderful blogs)
Cat from Merely A Dream
Lynda from Butterfly Dreams
Carmen from Spooky HOllow
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