Jun 6, 2009

Will your art become Censored?

When will you be censored? Sometimes its only a matter of time. I received word today from my best friend Sherry about an article and a lets say "ruckus" that is occurring in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Its all about censorship and we as artists are all affected by it, as well as its outcome.

The little northwest Arkansas town has a 150-foot-long old retaining wall turned into an art exhibit with artwork from local artisans up for public viewing. Created in 2004 by Charlotte Buchanan with her project called The Artery. It has been up since September and the theme for this exhibit is "Icons" (popular icons in religion and culture). Among some of the paintings, that are offending tourists, I bring you to artist Beth Post whose work is amazing and creating quite a stir with her piece entitled "The Temptation of Alice". I have found nothing in this painting, or any of the other 27 that up on display offensive. I want to hear what all you think about it.

Read the full news article here: Art May Be Too Provocative for the town

I have to wonder about my paintings. Will my witches become offensive because some of them carry pentacles, or have familiars, or worship in the woods under silhouettes of trees? As far as the council in Eureka Springs is concerned I find your idea of censorship very offensive. Shame on you for even considering it.

The Temptation of Alice

About Beth Post: She is the one of the most down to earth people I have spoken to in the art community.
Beth is pursuing her MFA in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She grew up Russellville, Arkansas. She works in acrylic, oil, watercolor, and digital mediums. In conjunction with illustration, Beth enjoys writing children's books and short stories. Her illustrations have been featured in WNC Magazine, Baystate, and What's Up Annapolis.

You can visit her site here:www.bethpost.com
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